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Keeping Safe Online

It’s so easy to post online now - from your computer, digital camera or mobile, that often we do so without thinking. Sometimes we post things we wish we hadn’t and want to get them removed. Most sites will have a delete post option, but remember that once you have put something up – anyone can save it and re post.

Video: Stay Safe On Line English

Video: Staying Safe Online

Seeing things you wish you hadn't

The web is open for anyone to post material on it and that means sometimes there are things that you’ll see, which you wish you hadn’t.

If you see something that you just don’t like, just close the screen on your laptop or turn off the monitor and go and an adult you trust.

If there’s no one around, close the site using the cross at the top of the browser. If you think the content might be illegal, like racist hate sites or pictures of children being abused you can report it directly to an organisation called the internet watch foundation:

If the thing you don’t like is a person – so for example, someone exposing themselves on webcam or sending you indecent pictures – you can report that to organisations like CEOP or contact SAFE and we will help you.

Unfortunately, as well as great people, there are some really strange people who use the internet - people who aren’t friendly or who have bad intentions. If someone is being nasty to you online or on your mobile to need to get help.

If someone is being inappropriate; saying sexual things or asking you to do things that you feel are wrong, start by saving the conversation, blocking them and then report it to CEOP, or you can email SAFE and we will help you.

Sometimes, people can seem really friendly and then do things which make you question the friendship and make you feel weird.

Will I get into trouble?


You need to know that you won’t be in trouble, whatever you have done. These adults are sometimes very skilful at making those they abuse or try to build a relationship with, feel guilty about what has happened. They do this to try and make the young person keep quiet about what has happened. It can make you feel unsafe and dirty. If someone does this to you, the responsibility for what happened is theirs, not yours and you can talk it through with a number of different people. Find out who you can talk to by clicking the link below:

How Can We Help

If you need to talk to someone scan the Safe QR code, fill out the form online or email us:

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